AfriSHE have been a core part of achieving Zero Harm and instilling a culture of safety first at MSD. Their Expertize  in Safety processes for Environmental Control, Regulatory compliance and Contractor Management for both Maintenance and CAPEX Projects has been Excellent.

Brian Greensmith
Associate Director Engineering
MSD South Africa

Pemilla added value to her role as a result of her dedication to the job, her enthusiasm for the task at hand and an eye or detail. Her interaction with the operations was conducted professionally and in the process won her respect amongst her peers. With her innate ability and technical skills, Pemilla is an asset to any organisation.

Riedawaan Pillay
Managing director
HSEC Strategic Solutions
Ex VP HSEC BHP Billiton

“I involved AfriSHE in our business during an extremely pressurised time, with an important safety audit only a few days away. Due to our commercial and client commitments we realised that we did not have sufficient internal capacity to properly prepare for the audit. We called AfriSHE hoping that they could assist at short notice. They responded to my request immediately and with great enthusiasm and energy – exactly what our exhausted internal team needed. An AfriSHE director and a competent safety officer arrived at our doorstep early the next morning. They came prepared and ahead of the curve, requiring very little briefing from me. They worked tirelessly until the early hours of the morning alongside our team.

Their work was thorough and professional and demonstrated a deep expertise in the area of health, safety and environmental compliance and practical application of HSEQ standards in our business and our industry. The AfriSHE team was also at our side throughout the audit itself. After all of the effort involved, we received a clean audit result. We are delighted with the responsive and professional expert service we received from the AfriSHE team. Their involvement made a significant difference in our business at a critical time.”

Lee Swan
Managing Director
Dialogic Management Services.

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